2017-2018 AP&P Membership List

AP&P PROPOSALS WILL BE POSTED EACH MONTH ON THE ASULEARN AP&P SITE FOR ACCESS BY THE FOLLOWING COMMITTEE MEMBERS AND OTHERS: All departments/programs should submit their AP&P proposals directly to their Deans' offices. When each college/school’s dean’s office has determined that the proposals are ready for submission to AP&P, a cover memo from the dean's office, along with the approved proposals should be sent to appproposals [at] appstate [dot] edu by the appropriate submission date for the next AP&P Committee meeting. Each proposal with attachments should be submitted to AP&P as a single PDF document.

Dr. Jon Beebe beebejp [at] appstate [dot] edu (beebejp)MUS Hayes School of Music2019
Dr. Jon Cartercarterjh [at] appstate [dot] edu (carterjh)A&SAnthropology


Dr. Ellen Cowancowanea [at] appstate [dot] edu (cowanea)A&SGeology2019
Dr. Tanga Mohrmohrtm1 [at] appstate [dot] edu (mohrtm1)BUSEconomics2018**
Dr. Jeff Hirsthirstjl [at] appstate [dot] edu (hirstjl)A&SMathematical Sciences2018
Dr. Denise Brewerbrewerdm [at] appstate [dot] edu (brewerdm)EDFamily and Child Studies2017***
Dr. Joe Kleinkleinjf [at] appstate [dot] edu (kleinjf)HSCommunication Sciences and Disorders2020
Dr. Cameron Lippardlippardcd [at] appstate [dot] edu (lippardcd)A&SSociology2018
Dr. Teressa Sumrallsumralltc [at] appstate [dot] edu (sumralltc)EDFamily and Child Studies2019
Mr. Jason Miller millerdj1 [at] appstate [dot] edu (millerdj1)FAASustainable Technology and the Built Environment2018
Dr. C. A. Debeliusdebelius [at] appstate [dot] edu (debeliusca)FAASustainable Technology and the Built Environment2020
Dr. Ben Powell (CHAIR)powellbc [at] appstate [dot] edu (powellbc)BUSManagement2019
Dr. Christina Hayeshayescj [at] appstate [dot] edu (hayescj)MUSHayes School of Music2020
Mr. John Wiswellwiswellj [at] appstate [dot] edu (wiswellj)LIBBelk LIbrary & Information Commons2020

Raiann Rosier

rosierrl [at] appstate [dot] edu (rosierrl) Elementary Education Major2018

Rice Neese

neesetr [at] appstate [dot] edu (neesetr) Philosophy Major2018

Julie Hayes, Support for AP&Phayesjh [at] appstate [dot] edu (hayesjh) Academic Affairs 
Dr. Mark Ginnginnmc [at] appstate [dot] edu (ginnmc) Academic Affairs and University College 
Dr. Dru Hensonhensonda [at] appstate [dot] edu (hensonda)
 College of Arts & Sciences 

Dr. Sam Formby

formbysk [at] appstate [dot] edu (formbysk)

 Walker College of Business 
Dr. Nickolas Jordanjordanna [at] appstate [dot] edu (jordanna)
 Reich College of Education 

Ms. IlaSahai Prouty

proutyi [at] appstate [dot] edu (proutyi)

 College of Fine & Applied Arts 
Dr. Denise Levylevydl [at] appstate [dot] edu (levydl)
 Beaver College of Health Sciences 
Dr. Jay Jacksonjacksnjc [at] appstate [dot] edu (jacksnjc)
 Hayes School of Music 
Dr. Robert Sanderssandersrl [at] appstate [dot] edu (sandersrl)
 Graduate School 
Lynne Waughwaughlw [at] appstate [dot] edu (waughlw) Academic Advising 
Kristin Hylehylekm [at] appstate [dot] edu (hylekm) General Education 
Cindy Barrbarrcl [at] appstate [dot] edu (barrcl) Enrollment Management 

Debbie Race
Patty Dale

racedw [at] appstate [dot] edu (racedw)
daleph [at] appstate [dot] edu (daleph)
 Registrar's Office 
Dr. Pavel Osinskyosinskyp [at] appstate [dot] edu (osinskyp) Faculty Senate Representative 
Terry Rawlsrawlsdt [at] appstate [dot] edu (rawlsdt) Distance Education 

**Dr. Tanga Mohr is substituting for Dr. Dinesh Davé (2018) for the 2017-2018 academic year
*Dr. Jon Carter is substituting for Dr. René Horst (2018) for the 2017-2018 academic year
***Dr. Denise Brewer is substituting for Dr. Shanan Fitts (2020) for Fall 2017 only