File Naming Protocol - UPDATED

Note that the File Naming Protocol has been updated for Fall 2015 with the AP&P division into Undergraduate and Graduate AP&P Committees.

The main form (Part A and B) should be named for your college/school and department or program, with the appropriate sequential number. For example, if the Department of Nursing proposes a new course called Adult Health Nursing (NUR 3100) and it is the third proposal that the Department of Nursing has completed in 2016, the file should be saved as U_HS_NUR _2016_35.pdf.

UPDATE to Protocol: Beginning Fall 2015, all proposals should:

  • Use a U or G prefix in the file name to denote undergraduate or graduate (ex. U_HS_NUR _2016_35.pdf or G_HS_NUR _2016_4.pdf). Proposals requiring approval by both committees should use the prefix "GU".
  • U, G, and GU proposals should all maintain the numbering sequence of 1, 2, 3... no matter what the prefix is.
  • The year included in the file name should reflect the fall term of the academic year in which the proposal was submitted to AP&P. For example, a proposal submitted in October 2016 would be listed as 2016. A proposal submitted in Feb 2017 would also be listed as 2016 since the submision date was during the 2016-2017 academic year.
  • Gen Ed proposals (Part C only) will also use the U prefix.

Suggested college/school abbreviations to be used are listed below:

College/School NameAbbreviation
College of Arts and SciencesCAS
Walker College of BusinessCOB
Reich College of EducationCOE
College of Fine and Applied ArtsFAA
Beaver College of Health SciencesHS
Hayes School of MusicMUS
University CollegeUC
School of Graduate StudiesGRAD
Honors CollegeHON