AP&P Manual

AP&P Manual (as of 5/23/2017)

The AP&P Committee was appointed the task of updating the Academic Governance Handbook (AGH) in Fall of 2014.  A subcommittee was created and began reviewing the AGH, searching for any policy/procedure that was already exiting in the Undergraduate or Graduate Bulletin, Faculty Handbook, or ASU Policy Manual and could be deleted as duplicates.  In 2016 the title of the Academic Governance Handbook was changed to AP&P Manual and the committee continues to make edits to the manual.  The final result will be a procedural manual for the AP&P Committee.

One of the following options were chosen for each item reviewed:

  • If the policy/procedure existed in another place and was current and up-to-date, it was removed fromt he AGH as a duplicate.
  • Some policies/procedures that needed to be updated were approved by an AP&P proposal then removed from the AGH as a duplicate.
  • Any policy/procedure that did not exist in any other place was removed from the AGH after it was added to the either the Undergraduate or Graduate Bulletin, Faculty Handbook, or ASU Policy Manual.

The AP&P Manual is a work in progress.  This version has all the 2015-2016 approved changes removed.

2016-2017 subcommittee minutes:
October 17, 2016
November 7, 2016
February 27, 2017
March 6, 2017

2015-2016 subcommittee minutes:
November 13, 2015
November 30, 2015
January 25, 2016
February 29, 2016
Summary of 2015-2016 changes

2014-2015 subcommittee minutes:
November 24, 2014
December 15, 2014
January 21, 2015
February 12, 2015
Summary of 2014-2015 changes