Graduate Academic Policies & Procedures Committee

Chairperson (2023-2024): Dr. Holly Hirst, Mathematical Sciences

Deputy Chairperson (2023-2024): Dr. Scot Justice, Accounting

Graduate AP&P Support Specialist: Stefanie Heinrich, School of Graduate Studies


Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures Committee

(a) All proposals originate within the program and are approved by both the department and the college review committee prior to submission to the Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures Committee.

(b) Members on the Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures Committee: 14 – 13 Faculty holding full graduate faculty status, excluding affiliate members, and one graduate student as voting members. The faculty voting members shall include at least one faculty member from each college or school offering graduate programs and the Library, with additional faculty members to be based on the current proportion of full graduate faculty in the colleges or schools. The graduate student member shall be selected by the Graduate Student Government Association (GSGA). The ex-officio non-voting membership of the Graduate Committee shall include the graduate dean and associate dean, the chair of the Undergraduate Academic Policies and Procedures Committee (or his/her designee), and one person from each of the following areas: dean’s office in each college/school, Registrar, Distance Education, Office of Research, Division of Enrollment Management, and Faculty Senate’s Academic Policy Committee. The provost and executive vice chancellor, or his/her designee, will convene the first meeting and facilitate the selection of a chair, or co-chairs, from among the voting members of the committee.

(c) Report to: the provost and executive vice chancellor.

(d) Areas of Responsibility: graduate curriculum, policies affecting graduate programs, appeals concerning academic matters coming from graduate programs in any college/school, department, members of the faculty or students and matters referred to it by the provost and executive vice chancellor or the chancellor.

(e) The Graduate Academic Policies and Procedures Committee will send its agenda to the entire faculty at least six working days prior to a scheduled meeting.


Directions for Submitting Curriculum Proposals for Approval

Prior to AP&P action and final approval by the Provost, the Graduate AP&P must review and act on all proposals associated with the following:

  • graduate course additions, deletions, or changes, including all dual-listed 4000-level courses. If the only change is the semester offering, then the department can notify the graduate school via email (
  • graduate degree or certificate changes, additions, or deletions, including admission criteria and non-course requirements for completion.
  • policy changes related to degree requirements, admission requirements, and academic policies as stated in the Graduate Bulletin and Course Catalog.


Curriculum proposals will not be accepted for Graduate AP&P consideration until the proposals have been approved by the appropriate academic college/school councils and reviewed by the Registrar's Office staff (for course number and title issues).

Proposal Format

When each college/school's dean's office has determined that the proposals are ready for submission to the AP&P Committees, a cover memo from the dean's office, along with the approved proposals should be sent to the Graduate AP&P Committee by submission deadline date.

  • The cover memo must include the AP&P meeting date and a brief summary/list of the proposals that are ready to be considered for that specific meeting. 
  • Attachments should be submitted as MS WORD documents (when possible) showing changes using the "track changes" feature of MS Word .

Proposals must be emailed as PDF files using the appropriate APP form. Email proposals as attachments to <> by the dates indicated above. More information on APP approvals and forms can be found on the APP website: Please use the current file naming protocol

Note: Graduate CERTIFICATE Proposals must include the "Proposing a New Graduate Program" form [83k]

Review and Approval Process

Proposals will be screened carefully about a week prior to the Graduate AP&P meeting by the Curriculum Committee of the AP&P Committee. If there are questions or concerns at that time, the department chair will be contacted.

A representative from the program (typically the department chair or program director) should be present at the Curriculum Subcommittee meeting of Graduate AP&P meeting to answer any questions from the group. The program representative will be notified of the meeting time and location upon submission of the proposal.