Sample Proposals

 Add a Course

AP&P proposal form Parts A and B must be completed. A syllabus must be attached to a proposal to add a course. If you want the new course added to a program of study, a separate AP&P form needs to be completed to revise the program of study.

Delete a Course

It is importatn that a proposal to delete a course be completed thoroughly to find courses and programs that may be affected by the course you are deleting.

Dual-Listed Courses - Undergraduate and Graduate concurrent course

The addition or revision of a dual-listed course is put on one proposal form. It is sent to both Undergraduate and Graduate AP&P for approval at the same time.

Cross-Listed Courses - Multiple departments using same course number and content

The addition or revision of a cross-listed course is put on one proposal form. It must be reviewed/approved by both departments and colleges. Note that on this SAMPLE there is not room to put both course descriptions in the proposed section so an attachment was added. Also, approval dates are needed for each department and college.

Revise Program of Study

Any change to the program of study (except date for new year or contact name) must be approved by AP&P.

General Course Changes