Semester Offering Changes (Submitted by Dean's Office)

If a department/program wishes to change the semester offering ONLY (no other changes) for a course or list of courses, then an AP&P proposal is not required (but if they do wish to submit it by proposal along with other curriculum changes all at one time, that's fine too).

Directions to request semester offering changes by email (Cut-off for Fall Bulletin is March 1):

  1. Whenever a faculty member needs to initiate a semester offering change, it must first be approved by the Department Chair/Program Director or Assistant Chair.
  2. The Department Chair/Program Director or Assistant Chair must submit that request by email to their Dean's Office.
  3. Upon approval, the Dean or Assistant/Associate Dean must forward that email to
  4. The email will automatically go to the Registrar's Office which will make the changes in Banner and to the catalog, the Bookstore for textbook rental purposes, Graduate School for Graduate Bulletin changes, and to Kristin Hyle for Gen Ed course semester offering changes.

Each request must include: the requested effective date; the course prefixnumber, and title; and the semester offering change (be sure to include dual-listed and cross-listed courses as well).